urn grove, Mirogoj

urn grove, Mirogoj

As the need for space continued to grow, the Zagreb Crematorium faced the challenge of adaptation. In this context, a decision was made to plan new walls for urns to ensure sufficient space for cremation and urn storage. However, this initiative is not merely technical; it is designed to further enhance the space of the Crematorium.
The new walls will not only address capacity issues but also add aesthetic and functional value to this place. Their design has been carefully crafted to blend with the surroundings, creating peaceful spaces for visitors to rest and reflect. Materials used for constructing these walls have been chosen to preserve harmony with the existing architectural style of the Crematorium.
Furthermore, this initiative reflects respect for the space and environment. Given the sensitive nature of the site, it is important to ensure that every change contributes to the atmosphere of dignity and respect that the Crematorium deserves. Therefore, this project is not just seen as the construction of new walls but as a subtle transformation that enriches the spirit and integrity of this place.
Through this approach, the Crematorium remains not only functional but also aesthetically appealing, reflecting respect for those who have departed this world.


DESIGNER: prof.dr.sc. Marijan Hržić, dipl.ing.arch.
AUTHOR COLLABORATION: Davor Mance, dipl.ing.arch.
Andrea Hržić Šesnić, dipl.ing.arch.

Neda Mrinjek Kliska, dipl. ing. arch.
Žana Radetić, dipl.ing.arh.
Ana-Marija Rem, mag.ing.arch.
Danira Rubeša, mag.ing.arch.
Dragana Knezović Frleta, mag.ing.arch.


Mirogoj cemetery, Zagreb