DV Višnjica

kindergarden Višnjica

The entrance to the plot is from the road on the south side. East and west of the roadside entrance are parking spaces. The plot is bordered by fencing panels 1000 mm high. Along with the road or parking spaces, in addition to the fence, there is an informal hedge of fast-growing bushes.
The main part for children to stay outdoors is in the southwestern part of the plot. The terrain that is currently in decline has been modelled in such a way as to level and create a flat surface at the level of the building, with a slope towards the western and southern edges of the plot. In this way, a unique whole of the building and the outdoor space will be created and the visibility of the space and the safe play of the children will be enabled. When modelling the terrain, the excess land will be used to create round hills for play. Devices for children’s play are placed on the flattened part of the plot.
In this part, ornamental trees are planned that also protect from the sun. Cotoneaster damerii is planned to be planted on the slopes to strengthen the slope, and next to the pergolas above the terraces is the climbing plant wisteria (Wisteria Sinensis).
Part of the terrain north of the building is in natural decline. Closer to the building on a relatively flat terrain, it is planned to form a small educational garden shaped by round high beams made of painted concrete pipes with a diameter of 1 m.
Along the fence on the eastern edge of the plot, it is planned to plant the clematis plant.
Along the western edge of the plot, the planting of fruit trees is planned, which will replace the existing old orchard. One type of fruit tree typical of this area is used, and the goal is for children to be able to eat fruit trees from their backyard. In this part, next to the fence, the planting of berry bushes is also planned.
In the northernmost part of the plot, it is proposed to form a “living tent” of curly willow shoots that are planted in the ground and joined at the top, thus forming a shelter for children.


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Kaja Šprljan Bušić, Kreativni krajobrazi d.o.o.
Nataša Fiolica,
Zeleni ured d.o.o.


Lepoglava, Hrvatska